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Escape The Cold With Our Best Winter Cocktails

Author:   |  Published: 2021-05-18  |  Categories:



Cinnamon Rum Sour



Winter winds bring a change of taste in drinks and there are many stunning cocktails for you to try on the coldest days of the year. Among the best recipes are those that highlight seasonal flavours and warm-up that chill in your bones. From comforting hot drinks to smooth sippers with pomegranate, cinnamon, and ginger, there’s a great winter drink waiting for everyone.

Cinnamon is now the flavour of choice, completely revitalising the cocktail world, bringing new life and warmth to dozens of popular existing cocktails that had begun to lose their bite.

Here, is one of our favourite recipes for you to try:

Cinnamon Rum Sour


  • 750ml Whistler Rum
  • ½ ml fresh lemon juice
  • 30ml agave syrup ( diluted 50/50 with water)
  • Ginger Lime Secco Drink Infusion
  • 1 Lemon wedge


Combine Whistler rum, lemon juice, and agave syrup in a 750ml cocktail shaker. Shake thoroughly and pour into a highball or tumbler glass filled with ice. Topped with Ginger Lime Secco Drink Infusion and fresh lemon.