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From Africa to the World, Secco Drink Infusion sets sights on further global expansion.

Author:   |  Published: 2021-05-25  |  Categories:


The last year and a half has changed consumers’ drinking habits and has had a big influence on how and what they drink, particularly when it comes to cocktails. As a result of not being able to go to bars, the growing popularity of making your own cocktails in the privacy and comfort of your own home has had many people opting to unleash their creativity and become more experimental with infusions, recipes, and drink-making. The rise of amateur mixologists coming up with fun and creative drinks has exploded on social media and this creative mindset continues in 2021, more so than ever. With the Dark Spirits trend growing (watch our social media channels to learn more about sipping tequilas, infused rums, brandies, and whiskies) 

We are celebrating #AfricaDay with a focus on taking local, global. Our global expansion into Hong Kong, Singapore, Hungary, The Netherlands, and Belgium, while continuing to show steady growth and sales in the United States of America, Mozambique, Namibia, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, and Denmark.

Without the continued support from our consumers in South Africa, this expansion to new territories wouldn’t be possible. We invite you to join our export family and bring excellence to every glass, all over the world!