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Give your taste buds a new lease of life by pairing chocolate and spirits?

Author:   |  Published: 2021-04-06  |  Categories:

Tired of wine and cheese combinations? Why not give your taste buds a new lease of life by pairing chocolate and spirits?

Chocolate and gin have a surprisingly close background, even though it isn’t an obvious match. Gin can take on a dazzling array of different botanical additions, and coupled with different garnishes there’s no limit to the different flavour hints that can be expressed. And as a basic food base, chocolate can be rich, subtle, or creamy, but again with the addition of countless flavours and textures, can become soft, hard, crunchy, smooth, spicy, citrusy and the list just goes on.

The easiest chocolate pairing for most gins is white chocolate. Not only is gin a good match for any delicate flavours, but the herbal notes can add a layer of depth to white chocolate. Imagine relaxing around the fireplace with good company and a glass of Premium Musgrave Gin in the hand with some delicious white chocolate. 

Whether you a dedicated gin drinker or a newbie to the gin scene, there’s so much more to be enjoyed and savoured by knowing how to bring out the best in what you are eating and drinking.

For the non-drinkers, we’ve got something for you! Tea is extremely versatile when paired with any food. Pairing Carmien Tea with chocolate is an adventure in unlocking flavours and by doing this you are enhancing your tea drinking experience. It’s a personal journey and you are only limited by your taste preferences!

Try a Pink Rabbit cocktail with Musgrave, Carmien, and Secco drink infusion perfectly paired with a Lindt white chocolate.