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Secco Infusion and Copeland Spirits cocktail must try!

Author:   |  Published: 2021-01-21  |  Categories:

Over the years the popularity of homemade cocktails has taken the world by storm. It is no longer about simple, plain and straight forward drinks, but rather how colourful, fun, intriguing and different your drink looks not only to the camera but to the naked eye as well.  The interesting thing about infusing spirits is that there aren’t many rules or complicated techniques, it is just knowing what would mix well together as well as taste good. If you are looking to step up your cocktail making skills this year, then our array of flavour combinations are just the tools you need to make the “perfect” cocktails for the “perfect” occasions.   

Bringing us top quality spirits from Copeland, the makers of Copeland Rum and Copeland Tiki Gin, comes a new range of all natural, real ingredients blended with your favourite local gin, in a ready to drink spirit cooler.  

Having a cocktail has never been easier.  

Simply pour over ice, add any of our Secco Infusion Sachets, Pepper Berry, Ginger Lime, Raspberry Rose Hibiscus and Spiced Pomegranate. 

Make it look pretty and pour the canned gin. 

Last but definitely not least, ENJOY.  

It is on us.